Thursday, January 3, 2013

Brownie Bottom Banana Cream Pie

My New Years Resolution for 2013 is to blog all my dinners for the year.  OK, so what if we eat out or have leftovers?  I guess I'll just have to track it that way!  Last night we had leftovers so today I am blogging a 'Holiday Favorite' dessert that started by accident.  About 6 years ago I really wanted to make a Banana Cream Pie for Thanksgiving.  Great!  No problem.... except when I went to make it, I had forgotten to purchase a pie crust. *This was back before I was smart enough to just make one*

Aaaah.... what to do?!  I rummaged through my pantry and found a brownie mix. Hmmmmm... chocolate covered banana?  Yep.  That'll do.

Get out your ingredients:

Make Brownies according to package. 
Make Banana Cream Instant Pudding (chill).

Bake Brownies and let cool completely.

Now start your layers:
1. Sliced Bananas

2. All of the pudding
3. Mini Chocolate Chips

4. Another layer of sliced bananas

5. Cool Whip and sprinkle with more mini chocolate chips

A beautiful disaster turned into the *MOST* requested holiday dessert.

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