Friday, February 8, 2013

Sierra Update: 7 Days Later

I have been in constant contact with Sierra since she full force, no questions asked, dove right into her plan.  She is super inspiring! 

One of the things that is helping Sierra be successful in her journey thus far is that she is willing.  She is aware that she didn't learn her habits overnight and it will take time to break those and create new habits. 

A couple lessons we learned this week:

#1. Weigh yourself once a week and once a week ONLY.
#2. If you feel like some kind of plateau has been hit, it's time for a detox.
#3. Bring MORE than what you plan to eat to work.  It sucks being hungry and leads to binging.
#4. If your body says it's hungry, then it is time to eat!
#5. Don't forget to pair up the proteins and carbs.



Here is what Sierra e-mailed me this morning:

"7 days have gone by, its felt like more then that, mostly because in the past 7 days I have made some big changes. It wasn't easy, and it still isn't 100% easy. I've learned a lot about food, and found lots of foods I assumed I didn't like but actually do. I've learned about 100 different ways to eat food that is tasty and good for me. without having to sacrifice eating something I want.
I went from being completely sedentary, and eating crap, to doing light exercise in the morning. (not gracefully, seriously, I look like an angry hippo trying to do jumping jacks) and making smart food choices.

In 7 days I have lost almost 7 pounds. I know that it won't always be like that, and there will come a point where the weight loss will slow down, but it is motivating to see results when I have completely turned my food choices upside down.
I haven't stuck to your plan 100% and you know that. I don't like yams, I probably never will. but I make adjustments and now that I have learned how to make food that is good and good for me its easier to modify a meal plan or suggestions. I've been taking baby steps to a healthier life style and I love that it is already showing. I have big goals and I have little goals, I might not reach all of them when I want to, but I know that with the tools I have been given and the great things I have learned, I can in fact reach those goals by taking those baby steps.
It's only been 7 days......... I cant wait to see what the next 3 months hold! <3 "

Isn't she fabulous!!!?

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