Monday, February 25, 2013

Chicken & Dumplings

I am so excited to use the colored carrots from my Bountiful Basket in my Chicken & Dumplings.
This is by far one of the best comfort foods/cold day dinners that I can imagine.

7 carrots and  7 ribs of celery cut up into big chunks and place on the bottom of the crock.

Add 3 frozen chicken breasts, 2 cans 1 can cream of chicken soup 2 cups chicken stock and 1 cup milk and crock on 'keep warm' all day.

About an hour before serving:
Using kitchen shears, cut up a tube of raw biscuits & mix inside. Cook on low until done.
Using Bisquick, make a small batch and using a small scooper, drop raw biscuits into crock and cook on low until done.
Make/Bake regular Biscuits and serve the crocked 'stew' on top.

I actually used a tube of crescent rolls this time around. Salt & Pepper to taste- I added Franks Hot Sauce (of course).

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