Thursday, February 21, 2013


A friend, Kristianne on my Crockpot group on Facebook shared this recipe.  I am so excited to bring this to fruition!!!  This is incredibly similar to my Mongolian Beef recipe (besides all the massaging) and the coke. 


Beef-chuck roast (or any other type of roast you'd like to use)

Slice your beef VERY thin -I just purchased Carne Asada- already thinly sliced.

Put your meat in a large bowl,

Brown Sugar- about 2-3 handfuls, massage onto meat.

Coke/Cola (about 12 oz) - coat meat and massage.

Soy Sauce- about 1/2 cup. Massage.

Honey- a few Tbs. Massage.

Sesame oil- about 1/2 cup. Massage

Garlic- (I use the chopped in a jar 2 tbsps ish). Massage.
Black pepper- Guess & massage.

Green onion- 1 bunch (I used dried minced)

Garlic powder- guess, what ever you'd like. (I forgot)

Onion powder- guess, what ever you'd like. (I forgot)

MIX everything really well!
Marinate over night (I did ALL day)

Stir /flip meat in the morning/when you are getting ready to cook.

As you can see, the meat soaks EVERYTHING up! 

Tell your husband to turn on the grill and cook you dinner :)

or just.... Grill up meat at dinner time.

Incredible.... really... so so sooooooooo good!

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