Friday, July 19, 2013

Crockpot Tamale Pie

So here's a recipe that is never wrong.  The first time I wanted to make this after leaving home, I called my mom (who notoriously made this OFTEN) and asked for her recipe.  She hesitated for a looooong time, then said- "There isn't really one.  I just always put in it what I had on hand."  Well.... regardless, I never remembered it tasting different each time so I was like..."Geez Mother... could you give me a basic idea?!"  And..... I don't think I actually ever got it from her {the recipe} but with my memory and skillz, I have come up with a very similar comparison AND put it in my Crockpot.  

This= My Soul Food

You'll Need:

For Bottom Layer-Mush
1 Cup Cornmeal
1 Cup Milk (evaporated or other)
3 Cups water
1 Small Can diced Green Chiles
1 tsp salt

Put all in a pot and simmer until VERY thick.
Spray the bottom of the Crockpot and then spread mush evenly.
Top with a layer of shredded cheese.

For Main Layer
1 pound pre-cooked Ground Turkey (taco meat)
1 Can Diced Tomatoes with Green Chiles (Rotel)
1 small can Tomato Sauce
1 Can drained Kidney Beans
1 Can drained Corn
1 Tbsp Taco Seasoning

Put everything in a pot, simmer and mix well.
Place mixture on top of mush in Crockpot.
Turn Crock on 'Low' for 4-6 hours.
Turn Crock OFF & vent (to let everything thicken)
Place a TON of cheese on top.
Chop entire can of drained Black Olives.
Sprinkle olives over Cheese.
Let SIT for 30-45 minutes to set up.

This is JUST like lasagna where if you cut into it before it 'sets', you will have a big BLOB of disaster.  Easier and prettier to serve once set. (And no- this below wasn't set.... we were hungry.)
Garnish with Sour Cream &/or Hot Sauce.

Green Peppers
Black Beans
Refried Beans
Whole Chilis (Layered)
Ground Beef
Shredded Pork
Shredded Chicken

Click here to make REAL Tamales in the Crockpot!

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