Monday, October 8, 2012

Nail Art- 4th Grade Idaho History

This was supposed to be Alexia's project.... then I got all paranoid and decided it wasn't a good idea for her to be nailing.... so.......... Step by step.....

A board the size you want it (I bought a shelf thing for $5 and had Home Depot cut it for me)
Some spray paint
Nails (with a head)
Embroidery floss (at least 5, + yellow for the star)
A template (google it)

First, get your hubs to draw the template on your board, then draw a star (wherever the capitol of the state is)
Next, hammer a nail in each place there is a 'point' + gauge the places in between.

Make a protective area to spray on and paint the board.  (make sure you get the nails too, because you don't necessarily want them to show.

After it dries, tie a piece of the embroidery floss on one of the nails, then string back and forth between all the nails to fill in the blanks.  Leave your star open in the middle and do it last with the yellow.

Send to school with your child.  *Sigh*

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