Tuesday, August 6, 2013

August Meal Planning

8/1 Thurs- Chicken & Rice Casserole
8/2 Fri-  Settlers Park Movie Night- 'Madagascar 3'/Meridian Fire Dept. Salmon Feed/ Summer Work BBQ at Rex's - Potluck
8/3 Sat- CLIMB to CC AM @Tablerock/ Eve of Destruction @Meridian Speedway/ Kuna Days
8/4 Sun- Breakfast- Bacon, Eggs, Toast, Hashbrowns/Tri-Tip, Rice, Steamed Veggies & Green Salad
8/5 Mon- Team Meeting - Chicken Pot Pie
8/6 Tues- Papa Murphys
8/7 Wed- Teriyaki Chicken Stir Fry over Rice
8/8 Thurs- BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwiches
8/9 Fri- Settlers Park Movie Night- 'Narnia'- Leftovers
8/10 Sat- Bountiful Baskets- Canning Spicy Pickled Green Beans/Nightfire Nationals @ Firebird Raceway/ Raunak's Baby Shower/ Girls Night In- Fondue
8/11 Sun- Canning Hatch Chile Sauce, Steak & Baked Potato Bar
8/12 Mon- Evening Conference Call - Chicken & Baked Potato Bar
8/13 Tues- Fromacan
8/14 Wed- Mustgo
8/15 Thurs-  Fish Tacos 
8/16 Fri-  Settlers Park Movie Night- 'The Croods' - Rotisserie Chicken, Pasta & Veggies
8/17 Sat- Out to Wingers
8/18 Sun- White Chicken Enchiladas
8/19 Mon- Leftovers
8/20 Tues- Mustgo
8/21 Wed-  Pick up Papa Murphys
8/22 Thurs- Mustgo
8/23 Fri-  Settlers Park Movie Night - 'Mary Poppins'- Bean Burritos
8/24 Sat- The COLOR Run 5K - Western Idaho Fair
8/25 Sun- French Bread Pizza
8/26 Mon- Tacos
8/27 Tues- 1st Day of School/Team Meeting- Tacos
8/28 Wed- Grilled Ham & Cheese, Steamed Veggies & Salad + Mini Apple Pies
8/29 Thurs- McD's
8/30 Fri- Settlers Park Movie Night- TBA - BoDo- Night Launch Out to Mongos
8/31 Sat- First BSU Game! - Coconut Honey Walnut Shrimp, Steamed Veggies, Rice & Garlic Roll-Ups

7 MORE months of meal planning below :)

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