Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Blackened Salmon Salad & Clam Alfredo

Grouping the two together, because I only have 'final' pictures.

And, well, they are both seafood, right?

Both are super easy and delicious.

Blackened Salmon Salad

Take 2 large heads of Romaine lettuce, rinse and chop coarsely. Place in large bowl and toss with Caesar dressing, croutons & Parmesan cheese.

Coat (generously) each side of a salmon fillet with a Cajun seasoning. (I used Sawtooth)

Place a bit of oil in a pan and turn on Medium heat. 
'Blacken' each side of fish and place on top of Salad greens.

Serves 2-3 depending on the size of your fillet.

Clam Alfredo

Boil bag of pasta shape of your choice.  I used Campanelle.

Drain water from pot once pasta is done and add (3) cans of minced clams (with the juice) to the pasta.

Add 1 jar of white sauce of your choice + 1 cup milk & 1 packet of  'Alfredo' sauce mix. Let everything simmer until sauce is thickened.  Stir regularly.

Sprinkle ample amount of parsley (fresh or dry) to completed meal.

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