Thursday, December 19, 2013

Superfood Holiday Salad

I have an inhuman obsession with beets.  Like no joke, I open a can of them and eat the whole thing with my salad.  I guess there are worse things..... I decided in the attempt to force beets on others, I would make a Kale & Beet Citrus Salad and bring it to Thanksgiving dinner with my homemade stuffing <- *Fantastic*

This is SUPER simple and needs ZERO dressing.

2-3 Cans of Crinkle Cut Pickled Beet Slices
1 Medium Jicama (Peeled and sliced into thin 2" strips)
2 Cans Mandarin Oranges (Drained)
2 Grapefruit de-veined (you could use the already done refrigerated ones if you want)
1 tray of Baby Kale

Mix er up and off you go!

I LOVE Beets!

Did I mention I like them a lot?

Just for good measure- everyone was commenting and posting about this crazy looking Nutella bread on Facebook.  I decided I was up for that challenge too.....with frosting, of course.

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