Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Quick Pico De Gallo

Ok- I promised-  Here is the Pico recipe that I have been receiving RAVE reviews on and frankly I'm a bit obsessed with.  I think I have made this 6 times in the last 2 weeks.... LOVE IT!  Can't get enough of it....

First thing you MUST have in order to make this Pico perfect is this handy chopper that makes life worth living in the kitchen. 

You can buy it here or in the store at Bed Bath and Beyond (Don't forget to bring a 20% off coupon!)

Pico De Gallo

First- You better get a decent sized bowl to start with-  This won't be your storage device (you will need something much smaller once you have dented your final product)

Get out your CHOPPER! (If you don't have a chopper, you can hand chop, but it takes a lot of time and isn't as pretty)  You will NOT be sorry you bought this kitchen tool.... Trust me.

For a GOOD size (mild to medium heat) batch ~ 6 cups,  you will need:

2 tbsp crushed or minced garlic
1 medium onion
2 large jalapenos
1/3 bunch of cilantro
5 hothouse tomatoes
salt and pepper
4 sm or 3 lg avocados
Juice from 1 lime

I chop and add the ingredients in the specific order listed above:

  • Put the garlic and chopped onion in your bowl.
  • When getting ready to put the jalapenos in the chopper, cut off the stem and then just swing a knife around inside the jalapeno to remove the seeds and membrane.  If you want hella hot pico, then keep the seeds and membrand.  Rinse the jalapeno and place directly on the chopper (whole). *If you handle the jalapeno a lot with your bare hands, PLEASE wash your hands well.... we won't go into why, but I am sure you can take a pretty good guess.  If you don't want to risk it, just wear gloves.
  • I pick the amount of cilantro I want, rinse, then put on the grate and place a slice of tomato over it so that all the cilantro goes into my recipe and doesn't get stuck in the top of the chopper:

  • Finish chopping the rest of the tomatoes (I try to deseed them as much as possible before chopping).  As soon as you have all the tomatoes in your bowl, generously salt them and do not mix!  The salt will make the tomatoes sweat and brings out more flavor.  Add pepper at this time too.
  • Now onto the avocados.... Cut avocados in half lengthwise.  Pull seed out by forcing blade of knife (not the tip) onto seed and twisting. Gently peel skin of avocado away from the meat.  Once you are ready to chop, just set the meat on the grate and push down with your hand.
  • Take your lime and roll around between your hand and counter to loosen up the juices.  Cut in half and squeeze into the bowl.
  • Mix your pico gently and enjoy! 

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