Friday, April 1, 2011

Reduce, Reuse, Freecycle!

When I went back to Alaska last November I went to visit a friend of mine, Sue.  I had my son with me (8 months at the time) and when I got to Sue's house, I noticed she had a TON of baby toys on her counter.  I said something to the effect of  "I bet Grandma Sue will let you play with these" (To Tyler)... She said "Oh no!  Not yet, I have to sanitize them... I got them off Freecycle!  Whats Freecycle?!  I've never heard of it, but 'FREE' is in the name, and I LOVE free!!!  So she explained to me that it is kind of like Craigslist, but the catch is, you can not advertise to 'sell' anything or 'buy' anything...Only FREE items.

Easy to sign up....find your local network, join the group and then you can post anything on there that you want to give away, or you can post items that you are in need of..... nothing too big (though I wouldn't ask for a house) or too small.  I have seen people post on there that they NEED exercise equipment, couches, beds, cribs, down to small items like baby food jars.  Also- nothing is too wierd....boxes of envelopes, wrapping paper, spoons, broken toys, ect.  Whatever as long as you would rather it went to someone than in the landfill!  It's nuts and it's FREE.  I LOVE IT!  Check it out!!!

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